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Would you like to visit Morocco but don’t know much about it yet? A country with rich land and breathtaking landscapes. What places to visit and where to leave your luggage for a memorable trip?

Marrakech and its surroundings


If you are wondering where to start your visit to Morocco, Marrakech seems like an inevitable destination. There are several places you should not miss.
For example, the Majorelle Gardens, one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world. Here is the villa of the painter Jacques Majorelle, who created a veritable botanical work of art, renewed by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. 1 hectare is home to about 3,000 plant species, creating an oasis of sorts.
To get a true sense of Morocco, a visit to the bazaars of Marrakech is also recommended. Important for commerce and tourism, Marrakech’s medina is a maze of sections where it is easy to get lost. The handicrafts are very unique and you will find authentic quality products that you will not find anywhere else.
Just a few kilometers from Marrakech, the Oulika Valley is a great choice for those who want to get away from the city, as it is surprisingly far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Discover the famous waterfalls where you can swim (be careful, the water is often frozen!). Or visit the traditional Berber houses and markets.
An hour and a half from Marrakech, you can see the majestic 110-meter-high Ouzoud waterfall in a recessed valley of red and green sandstone. It is the perfect place to spend a day away from the city.


Coastal cities


Morocco is a desert, but it also has turquoise waters. The country’s coastal towns are full of charm.
Agadir is famous for its seaside resorts, but there are many other great attractions, such as the Valley of the Birds, the Mohammed V Mosque, Souk al-Had and sandy beaches. The atmosphere is more western, but the climate is pleasant and some of the sights are worth visiting.
For an authentic Moroccan experience, head to Essaouira. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of Morocco’s most beautiful port cities. The medina is the heart of the city and you can trace its history as you walk through its plots. Feel free to get lost in the souks, talk to the merchants, and have fun.


At the Gates of the Desert


Want to immerse yourself in the desert? A trip to Merzouga, the gateway to the Western Sahara, is a unique way to explore Morocco. This small town near the border with Algeria overlooks a vast landscape of sand dunes. A two day and one night experience in the desert is one you won’t soon forget. For a more realistic experience of a town on the edge of the desert, visit Muhamid. Less well known than Merzouga, this small rural town is often used as a starting point for desert tourism. Here you will find a magnificent oasis.


Green Valley


Nestled between land and sea, the country’s valleys offer unforgettable, hidden landscapes for those who are willing to discover them. The Valley of the Roses, for example, is one of the highest elevations in the country. Covered in pink soil and surrounded by lush vegetation, the landscape is a spectacular valley that lives up to its name with the fragrance of roses that bloom from late April through June.
For hikers, the Dades Gorge is not to be missed. These small mountains form an impressive landscape around the 200-km-long river. If you visit the High Atlas, with its extraordinary landscapes, you can see the canyon


A City of Legends


You can’t leave Morocco without seeing at least two legendary imperial capitals that speak to the richness of the country’s past and present. If you are in doubt about where to start your Moroccan tour, try Casablanca. It is one of the most famous imperial capitals with a wonderful history and wealth. Don’t miss the Hassan II Mosque, considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, and the bazaar. Casablanca has also been modernized and is a great place for those who like bars, restaurants, and parties.
If you are looking for the best of sightseeing, head inland to Meknes. Known as the “Versailles of Morocco,” Meknes is a beautiful city with many mosques and museums. Its architecture is utterly sublime and worth immersing yourself in. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Meknes also has the nickname “City of a Hundred Minarets” because of its beautiful mosques.

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