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This article is dedicated to the curious people who want to know more general knowledge about Morocco, in case they are interested in paying a visit to this wonderful country, that always seems fascinate the tourists with all what it has to offer. So, keep on reading for some informations that will help you have a background knowledge about Morocco.

Very general

The Moroccan Kingdom, or just Morocco is an African country that is situated at the northwestern edge of Africa, and only 14 kilometers of sea separates this country from Europe. On the northern coast there is the Mediterranean sea, and the western coast looks at the Atlantic ocean. The geography of Morocco is really interesting, you just need to take a look on the internet and the images to see the examples.

The population of Morocco doesn’t exceed 40 million people. Most of them live in the Northwestern part of Morocco. The biggest city Casablanca only hosts almost 6 million of those people. The other imperial cities, which are a must-visit, are Fez, Tangier, Marrakech, Eljadida, Meknes, Agadir, Tetouan,. All of these cities have rich cultural and historical significance, plus all the standards of modernity that a typical European city has. The capitol of Morocco which is a very beautiful city is Rabat.

The interesting thing about Morocco is that it doesn’t have only one standard culture and tradition. In fact, one could say: it’s a melting pot of a number of traditions, cultures, ethnicities and religions. All thanks to the rich history that this strategic geographical location had. The thing that gives Morocco this reputation of open mindedness. Morocco has always been welcoming foreigners in a friendly manner. One could say that Morocco is a stranger friendly country.

Morocco is country of diversity, which makes a visit there never a boring experience. The diversity is everywhere. From the natural landscapes and geographies to what is cultural, like traditions, foods, and lifestyles.


Moroccans could be categorized as two main ethnicities, the Arabs and the Berbers, although in recent years the line between the two is really fine. There are other minorities of course like Jews and some foreigners who consider Morocco their home.

The linguistic state of Morocco is also very diverse, the main two categories however, are Arabic and Amazigh. Although these two have many dialects that can make you feel like you’ve just heard a different language from another one. But one thing for sure is that Darija, which is Moroccan Arabic is well understood by almost all Moroccans.

Morocco and religion

Concerning religion, Morocco is a very liberal Country compared to many other Muslim countries. The constitution guarantees to everyone to believe in whatever they want to believe. This reflects the mentality of the majority of Moroccans. They are Muslims, however, not very conservative. And of course some fanatics could be found even in the most liberal countries like New Zealand.

In conclusion you won’t find any problems with Moroccans concerning your beliefs if you have any.

The Moroccan cuisine.

As well as the Moroccan culture, Moroccan cuisine is so diverse . Moroccan cuisine, like Moroccans, has its routs in many cultures and civilizations, all of them left their mark on the cuisine. The spices are very important in the Moroccan cuisine, Moroccans rely a lot on them to make their food as tasty as it can.

Moroccan cuisine is something that everyone must try. You can’t recognize how good it is unless you try it. Here is a list of the most famous Moroccan meals that everyone must taste:






Maakouda to potato pancakes.



  Mint tea, especially with mint

    And some famous sweets like: kaab el ghazal, chebakia fakes.

Moroccan currency.

The Moroccan currency is called  the Moroccan dirham (MAD). Although the Euro and dollar could be very helpful in Morocco, most of the Moroccan shops and transportation require the Moroccan Dirham. So, I might be q very good idea to always have some change in you pocket wherever you go in Morocco. The circumstances will always prove that it’s a wise choice. Also, you must not rely a lot on the credit card, this is another reason for always having some change of Moroccan Dirhams with you.

The Moroccan weather.

The weather could be the sole reason that may prevent some people from traveling to a certain country. That is perfectly justifiable sometimes. However, in Morocco you won’t find a problem with the weather, because you get to chose which weather you want from all the diverse choices that this country has. If you’re a fan of hot weather, just travel to the Sahara. If you like it cold, pay a visit to the Atlas Mountains. If you want some calm weather you can visit cities like Meknes and Fez.

Bottom line.

Visiting Morocco is certainly one rich experience. Everything is diverse, therefore, boredom is something that doesn’t happen to you when you’re in Morocco.

If you have visited this beautiful country before please let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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